Think before you give.

During this Holiday season, it is important that we spend our money wisely.  This is true with the monies we donate to charitable causes.

Growing up, I blindly supported The Salvation Army and took everything they said as gospel.  I found that to be a lie.  On the outside, The Salvation Army tries hard to divert you from their true beliefs.  Whereas they claim to want to serve all, their double standard is all too blatant when you expose the religious side of their core beliefs.    Where they claim to not discriminate against those in the LGBT community, they refuse to allow anyone of such as a member in their churches  What’s the point of Doing The Most Good when you talk from both sides of your mouth?

Before you put your money in the Red Kettle you may want to think twice.   Here is an excellent article and one of many that I will be sharing to shed light on what The Salvation Army truly believes.


The Salvation Army’s History of Anti-LGBT Discrimination



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